Kerala State Federation of SC/ST Development Co-operatives Ltd is a statutorily registered cooperative institution in the category of apex federations under the Kerala State Cooperative Societies Act 1969 (Act 21 of 1969), having registered number 4351 and its area of operation within the whole of the state territory and the primary SC/ST Cooperatives in the state as its members.

Section 2(a) of the Act defines an “apex society” as a society having the whole of the State as its area of operation and having as its members only other societies with similar objects and declared as such by the Registrar. The federation is having its registered office at  Peroorkada P O, in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala.

Various provisions under the enabling act, provides for the frame work within which the administration of the federation is to be performed and the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Kerala is having the regulative control over the federation and its functions.

A Bye-Law as registered by the State Registrar of Cooperative Societies, is the legal document stating the following specific provisions in relation to its objectives and goals, capital structure, membership rules, management, power and responsibilities, office bearers, permitted activities and the rules and regulations to be followed while undertaking activities allowed for achieving its stated objectives and specific other provisions related to management and its functional activities.

These are the sub set of rules and regulations drawn and approved by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies in relation to implementation and conduct of specific schemes and activities in line with the stated objectives and goals of the federation.