Among the functions and activities permitted to be undertaken by the federation for achieving its stated objective of uplifting the socio economic conditions of the SC/ST sector, the following activities are being undertaken by the federation directly or through its member societies. Most of these activities are undertaken with the help of central and state government assistance and through various other government departments and agencies.


# Description of Activity as per  bye law Status Of Activities
1 Intermediary role for implementation of State sponsored projects for SC /ST sector Various development  projects are undertaken through Centrally sponsored schemes and through other government agencies
2 Channelize Working Capital Assistance to Member Societies Actively undertakes plan-based schemes for allowing working capital assistance to primaries
3 Provide Credit assistance to individuals through affiliated societies Provide term loans to member primaries for various purposes under government schemes. Not able to meet the requirement for lack of sufficient funds
4 Obtain Financial assistance to member societies for set up of SSI Units Undertakes projects for establishing SSI units like Diary Units, Tile Manufacturing Units etc for the primaries.
5 Organize collection and pre-processing of MFP by Member Societies Pre-processing and value addition units are being introduced
6 Undertake Marketing of NTFP and MFP of Member societies Auction Sale of MFPs is arranged at federation level. Online Marketing of MFPs and Ayurdhara Products are being introduced and arrangements for export of wild honey is finalized.
7 Provide logistical and infrastructure facilities for MFP collection Establishment of storage, drying yard and other logistics facilities and equipments are provided to members. Need for  modern facilities in sufficient level is yet to be addressed
8 Production of Ayurdhara branded Ayurveda medicines Successfully run a manufacturing unit for last 20 years. A total revamping with full automation of the unit is in store and work to be started soon
9 Marketing and sales of Ayurveda & Allopathic medicines Nearly 300 medicines including 10 patented medicines are marketed under Ayurdhara brand name. R&D aiming  more patents are being carried out
10 Run Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment centers Operates two Panchakarma centers in two districts. More centers are being introduced having one centre in each district. Modernization of existing units are in progress
11 Run Fuel Stations & fuel dealerships with Indian Oil Corporation Currently owns one fuel station of Indian Oil Corporation at Federation HQ premises. Another station is applied for approval awaited
12 Contract Forest civil works to provide employment to member individuals Applied for Forest Work Contractor License and intend to undertake forestry and forest civil works for state forest department
13 Obtain licenses and permits on behalf of members for wild cane cutting Cane cutting is undertaken through members and cane products of primaries are being marketed through federation stores