Kerala State Federation of SC ST Development Co-operatives Ltd

Kerala State Federation of SC/ST Development Co-operatives Ltd (Registration No. 4351), known as SC/ST Federation in short, is the Apex Cooperative Federation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes primary co-operative societies in the State of Kerala, constituted and registered under Kerala State Cooperative Societies Act of 1969 on 22nd of July 1981 .

Having commenced operations on 5th October 1981, as of now, the federation is known for its intermediary role as an implementing agency for various developmental projects for the SC/ST sector in the state of Kerala . Federation is associated with both central and state governmental organizations for implementation of plan schemes and play significant role in the implementation of other socio-economic developmental programs for the SC/ST & Rural sector in hand with TRIFED and similar governmental agencies.

The management of the board is primarily vested with the Board of Directors comprising of members from cooperative sector elected through a democratic election process and ex–officio nominees of the government. 671 registered primary cooperatives in the state societies are affiliated to the Federation and of which 101-member societies are Scheduled Tribe Development Societies.

In line with the stated objectives and permitted activities, SC ST Federation has undertaken various businesses ventures and is in the continuous process of improving its services to the benefit of the end beneficiary community of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the state. Thriving to move forward and brand its name a synonymous for institutional support for the development of Schedules Castes and Schedules Tribes in the state, Federation is in the process of implementing Vision -2020 action plan for improvisation of its services and beneficiary schemes through adapting professional management techniques and process automations for achieving optimal efficiency in its functional areas and thus impart more benefits to its member societies and scheduled castes and tribes in the state.